Please help support rowing at Wadham

Wadham College Boat Club Society is a gathering of all those who both wish Wadham rowers now to have as much success and as much fun on the Isis, the Thames and the Tideway as they did, and who have also the generosity to contribute to the Boat Clubs, sometimes financially, sometimes with their time and effort. It costs £250 per rower per year to supply simply the hardware for high-level competition, and the Society now funds half of that.

Members meet annually for a regatta and then the President's Dinner in early September. We tend also to congregate at Eights and at Henley. The Boat Clubs keep us all in touch with their tragedies and their many more victories.

Click here to join in. Whatever you can give will be well used to further the enjoyment of rowing at Wadham.

We contact new members to ask if they would like to use Gift Aid such that the Society can reclaim the income tax they paid on their contributions, or do please drop a mail to